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We've created this post just to know your best opinion in favour of Net Neutrality. You've probably come across the phrase 'net neutrality' in the last few days across Facebook, Twitter, or elsewhere but aren't quite sure what to make of it. Our purpose is to appeal supporters of strong net neutrality in articulating their own views on the same matter, in order to submit a response to the TRAI before the deadline on 24 April 2015.

If you like the current state of the internet, you should know about net neutrality. If you are not aware of it, don't worry ! Here We're telling you complete matter about net neutrality.

What Is Net Neutrality Matter?

If you have a mobile and you also get the internet connection. By now you have to pay the telecom company, after paying Whatsap, Facebook, Quicker, Snapdeal, Google, YouTube as it used several Internet services. Speed ​​of service is the same each and every service separately charged money. It says the net Neutrality which you have the freedom to surf the internet. Taken once every service Internet Use at the same speed can.

But now some telecom companies want to introduce the new freedom of the internet, some services may be free and some for which the money may have to separate. Not only more speed for certain services so that companies have the right to want to keep a low speed.

Telecom Regulatory Agency TRAI 'the common people' net Neutrality' opinion is sought. If you want to save 'net Neutrality' by clicking on this link you can send your opinion direct to TRAI -

Why is it important?

If there is no net neutrality, ISPs will have the power (and inclination) to shape internet traffic so that they can derive extra benefit from it. For example, several ISPs believe that they should be allowed to charge companies for services like YouTube and Netflix because these services consume more bandwidth compared to a normal website. Basically, these ISPs want a share in the money that YouTube or Netflix make.

Without net neutrality, the internet as we know it will not exist. Instead of free access, there could be "package plans" for consumers. For example, if you pay Rs 500, you will only be able to access websites based in India. To access international websites, you may have to pay a more. Or maybe there can be different connection speed for different type of content, depending on how much you are paying for the service and what "add-on package" you have bought.

Why We need to support Net Neutrality?

Lack of net neutrality, will also spell doom for innovation on the web. It is possible that ISPs will charge web companies to enable faster access to their websites. Those who don't pay may see that their websites will open slowly. This means bigger companies like Google will be able to pay more to make access to Youtube or Google+ faster for web users but a startup that wants to create a different and better video hosting site may not be able to do that.

Instead of an open and free internet, without net neutrality we are likely to get a web that has silos in it and to enter each silo, you will have to pay some "tax" to ISPs.

Here is some point on why it's a national debate now in India, and how it impacts you -

Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers (ISPs) should treat all traffic on their networks equally. That means users should be able to access all websites at the same speed and cost. No website should be given preferential treatment over another.

The idea is to ensure that the Internet remains a level playing field, not least because that allows innovation. If some websites are offered free or at faster speeds, the balance tips towards established players with deeper pockets. All data must be treated equally.

Flipkart has pulled out Airtel's controversial Airtel Zero platform that plans to offer free access to certain apps and services after huge backlash on social media and other platforms. Earlier, net neutrality supporters down-voted the e-commerce store's app on Google Play.

Over 3 lakh people have emailed India's telecom regulator, Trai, to share their views on net neutrality via, a website setup by a group working to spread awareness about net neutrality in India.

Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has said a committee of six members has been created to submit a report by mid-May on that "on the whole gamut of net neutrality objective, its benefits, advantages and limitations including the regulatory and technical issues."

Airtel last week announced Airtel Zero, a platform that allows consumers free access to select apps and services with the cost of this data traffic being borne by the companies that have signed up. For example, if Flipkart signs up as an Airtel Zero partner, you will not be charged for data you use while accessing Flipkart, and Airtel will bill Flipkart for that session.

Of course Airtel is not alone in this, with Facebook's operating on a similar principle, and various other apps have tied-up with telcos in the past to offer consumers free access to their services.

Comedy group AIB on Saturday released a video on YouTube explaining the importance of net neutrality in India, and why users needs to support this cause. In less than two days, the video has got nearly a million views. It was shared so much on Facebook that it was mistaken for spam by the social network's algorithms and removed, before being re-instated.

These all above points tells that there are need to be save Internet Nuetrality. As a leading Cloud Telephony Company, LeadNXT in favour of net Nuetrality.
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